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    Unc Confidentiality Agreement

    Step 4 – If materials are requested by one party, the other party is obliged to return them within the number of days specified in this agreement. Enter this number in the section 5 field (5). Confidentiality agreements hide the true cost of recovery. It is the norm for libraries to pay higher prices for books, magazines, databases and other research resources, given our large constituencies. However, the NDAs prohibit us from sharing the actual costs with researchers and taxpayers in North Carolina. The policy of unC Health Care System and its associated companies (individually and collectively called “UNCHCS”) is that users (i.e. staff, medical staff, students, volunteers, vendors, related businesses and others authorized to access it) respect and preserve the privacy, confidentiality and security of confidential information (“CI”). In the context of providing services to UNCHCS or UNCHCS, I may encounter this type of IC: (1) patient information (for example. B medical records, statements of accounts and patient interviews), (2) personnel information (salary, salary, Information on staff, volunteers, students, contractors or medical staff), (3) confidential business information from UNCHCS, its subsidiaries and/or third parties, including third-party software and other licensed products or processes, or (4) operations, quality improvement, peer review, training, billing, reimbursement, administration or research (e.g. B, usage reports, survey results and associated presentations).

    This information from any source and in all forms, including, but not limited to, paper recording, oral communication, audio recording and electronic display, is strictly confidential. I understand and agree to make access, affirmation, use or disclosure of IC only on a legitimate workplace and knowledge basis, and that I will limit my access, maintenance, use or disclosure of IC to the minimum amount required to meet for use, disclosure or requirement. Step 3 – The type of agreement can be defined by checking one (1) of the section 2 (2) fields. The relationship between Part A and Part B can be indicated in section 3, paragraph 3. Non-competition clause – A non-compete agreement prevents the recipient from competing with a commercial entity in the same territory or market as the commercial entity during the use of its trade secrets.


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    Thorbjørn Risager****
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    Dizzy Miss Lizzy****
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    Queen Machine ****
    Blackberry Smoke *******
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    2 X En aften på Café Klint ******
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    BluesJam 16***
    Blackberry Smoke******
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    Lobo Lee *****
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    KongeRock II ****
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    Magtens Korridor ***
    BluesJam #25 ******
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    Jes Holtsø mf **
    Krølle Erik **
    Jason Isbell*******
    Honky Tonk Goose ***
    Dan Baird ******
    Pink Floyd P ****
    Brian Downey's *****
    Holtsø/Wittrock ***
    Junkyard Drive ****
    Nikki Hill *****