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    Uwa Enterprise Agreement

    In an NTEU-Fightback-UWA leaflet, it was said: The Vice-Chancellor of the UWA and the national directorate of the NTEU “sold the modification of the enterprise agreement to avoid job cuts”, but the provisions of the EAV explicitly authorize “forced dismissals, the protection for casual cases being low and not applying, unless these casual players can demonstrate a “reasonable anticipation” of the work in progress which is almost impossible in practice.” If you have an urgent request on your employment contract, bonus or contract, please contact our industry manager with your problem. NTEU members who oppose VAAs are concerned that treaty change will not save jobs, but show management that workers are simple goals. They produced a video that advertises the “no” case. It was preceded by negotiations between UWA and NTEU leaders under the union`s Employment Protection Framework (JPF). UWA was one of the few universities to be part of it. John Calvin Christian CollegeJohn Calvin School AlbanyJohn Paul CollegeJohn Pujajangka-Piyirn SchoolJohn Septimus Roe ACSJohn Wollaston Anglican Community SchoolJohn XXIII CollegeKalamunda Christian SchoolKaplan International College Perth (Aspect)Karalundi Aborilgina CentreKarrayilia Adult Education CentreKearnanan CollegeKelms John Calvin SchoolKenne Baptist CollegeKer street Community SchoolKIDS Open Learning SchoolKIDS Open Learning SchoolKingston International College Pty LtdKingsway Christian CollegeKirana Training Pty LtdKolbe Catholic CollegeKulkarriya Community SchoolConductor Catholic Education CentreKwinana Christian School La Salle CollegeLake Joondalup Baptist CollegeLance Holt SchoolLandsdale Christian SchoolLangford Islamic CollegeLanguage Links Collegening Tree CommunityThe Schoolchen Catholic Primary SchoolLiving Waters Lutheran CollegeLiwara Catholic School DeLoreto NedlandsLumen Christi CollegeLuurnpa Catholic Guide to the Registration Standards and Other Requirements for Non-Government Schools St Andrew`s Catholic Primary SchoolSt Andrew`s Grammar SchoolSt Anne`s SchoolSt Anthony`s School (Greenmount) St Anthony`s School (Wanmount)): St Augustine`s SchoolSt Benedict`s SchoolSt Bernadette`s Catholic Primary SchoolSt Bernard`s SchoolSt Brigid`s CollegeSt Brigid`s Primary School (Middle Swan)St Brigid`s SchoolSt Cecilia es Catholic Primary SchoolSt Clare`s SchoolSt Columba`s Catholic Primary School (South Perth) St Columba`s School (Bayswater)St Denis SchoolSt Dominic`s SchoolSt Emilie`s Catholic Primary SchoolSt Francis` SchoolSt Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School (formerly Brighton Catholic Primary School) St Francis Xavier Primary School (Geraldton) St George`s Anglican Grammar SchoolSt Gerard`s Primary School Helena`s Catholic Primary School St Hilda`s Angli Can School for GirlsSt James` Anglican SchoolSt Jerome`s Primary SchoolSt John Paul II Catholic Primary SchoolSt John`s School (Rangeway)St John`s School (Scarborough)St Joseph`s Catholic Primary School (Pinjarra) St Joseph`s College ( Albany)St Joseph`s Primary School (Bunbury)St Joseph`s School (Boulder)St Joseph`s School (Kununurra) St Joseph`s School (Moora)St Joseph`s School (Northam)St Joseph`s School (Pemberton)St Joseph`s School (Queens Park)St Joseph`s School (Southern Cross)St Joseph`s School (St Joseph`s School (St Joseph`s School( Waroona)St Joseph St Jude es Catholic SchoolSt Kieran Catholic Primary SchoolSt Lawrence Primary School (Balcatta)St Lawrence`s Primary School (Bluff Point)St Luke`s Catholic Primary School (Woodvale)St Luke`s College (Karratha) St Maria Goretti`s Catholic SchoolSt Mark`s Anglican Community SchoolSt Mary MacKillop College (Busselton) St Mary Star of the Sea Catholic SchoolSt Mary`s Anglican Girls` SchoolSt Mary`s Primary Catholic School (Bunbury) St Mary`s Catholic School (Boyup Brook) St Mary`s College (Broome)St Mary`s Primary School (Kalgoorlie) St Mary`s School (Donnybrook) St Mary`s school (Merred) in)St Mary`s School (Northampton)St Matthew`s SchoolSt Michael`s School (Bassendean)St Michael`s School (Brunswick Junction)St Munchin`s Catholic SchoolSt Norbert CollegeSt Patrick Primary School (Fremantle)St Patrick St Paul`s Primary School (Karratha) St Paul`s Primary School (Mt Lawley) St Peter`s Primary SchoolSt Pius X Catholic SchoolSt Simon Peter Catholic Primary SchoolSt Stephen`s School (Carramar)St Stephen`s School (Duncraig) Thomas Primary School Primary Primary SchoolSt Vincent`s School ACTU Organising CentreA ISWA (Association des écoles indépendantes de l`AV) Al-Hidayah Islamic


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