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    National Lotto Syndicate Agreement

    At least your contract will ensure that all your members understand what is expected of them and what they can expect from you. Do we need a union contract? Before you start your own lottery group, it`s a good idea to have a syndicate contract. Even if you`re playing with your friends, family, or colleagues and you didn`t expect any problems, a formal document will help you make sure everything goes smoothly. Lottery syndicates are formed to bundle tickets and thus increase the chances of winning. Lottery syndicates are generally more common in the UK and Europe. They are legal in the United States, but legal issues are regularly reported. If there is no [written] agreement and the winner of a prize transfers part of it to others, these gifts may accept inheritance tax. If the group members are able to prove that the distribution of the prize was made in accordance with a group agreement concluded before the profit, there is no inheritance tax obligation [this effectively means that you need a written agreement]. It is important to note that the law and practice of the tax office may change, the comments on inheritance tax are based on our understanding of the tax practice of November 1994 [unfortunately, there is nothing else on inheritance tax, for example is there a personal allowance? What is the tax rate (40%)? etc.] Remember that winnings should be collected by your manager and distributed in accordance with your group agreement. Okay, in short, you need a union agreement. Leading a union can be hard work – and often thankless. After all, it`s your fault that the group doesn`t win; -). You can play Set For as part of a syndicate with other people, just like you can do with any other national lottery game.

    The conditions of play in the syndicate are left to the discretion of the participating players; In other words, it`s up to you to see how it will work. We hope these guidelines are useful [just – they are more useful with my feedback!]. However, they are given without legal liability on our part and we would advise you to consider a lawyer preparing the form of the agreement [how many people would really do it, with attorneys` fees that probably exceed the earnings of the first year :-. . .


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    Thorbjørn Risager****
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    Queen Machine ****
    Blackberry Smoke *******
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    BluesJam #25 ******
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    Honky Tonk Goose ***
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