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    Subject Verb Agreement With Indefinite Pronouns Ppt

    7 Practice with subject-verb conformity with indeterminate pronouns. Route: Rewrite the following sentences by selecting the verb that creates a match. 3 Indeterminate pronouns are pronouns without precursorsDefinite are pronouns without a particular precursor. A precursor is the word(s) that a personnel pronoun (he, she, she, she, etc.) replaces in a sentence or paragraph. 8 All students____very hard and passed with “A” averages Students____very hard and succeeded with “A” averages. (studied/studied) Everyone____ that hard work will eventually pay off. (white/white) Much of what we have done so far in class ___ has been verified. (a/ont) Some of the 8-year-____shown incredible writing skills. (a/ont) Each of the students___his their own talent. (a/ont) 2 The SUBJECT of a sentence or clause is the name or pronoun that ANSWERS THE QUESTION WHO? Or what? before the verb. For example, the cat chases the ball.

    (The verb is CHASED) WHO IS BEING CHASED OR WHAT? The cat If the subject of a sentence is singular, the verb must also be singular. If the subject of a sentence is plural, the verb must also be plural. 5 It can also become tricky It can also become tricky. Indeterminate pronouns are often followed by sentences that make it a little confusing to determine the over-conformity of the verb. Each cat has been adopted. (The Singularverb corresponds to the singular object.) Each cat has been adopted. Some of the pizza is still in the fridge. (The Singularverb agrees with the Singularsubtreff, because some refer to the singular pizza.) Some cupcakes are still in the fridge. (The plural coincides with the plural, some because some refer to the plural cupcakes.) In the simplest case, the confusion of compliance is as follows: the boy runs. However, most 9th grade students make mistakes with those that are common.

    Subject Verb Conformity In a sentence, subjects and verbs must match in number. 9 6. All those who join us ___can. (want/want) 7. None of the students____ on the quiz. (are worried or worried) 8. Someone___ close the window! (needs/needs) 9. Most food___gone! (east/are) 10. Most students___ happy for a day of snow. (is/are) Today`s notes: 16 November 2010 VII. Indefinite pronouns….


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